Bamboo Flooring is an excellent alternative to solid timber hardwood flooring. Concord Timber Flooring has over 27 years of experience in bamboo flooring installation in the Sydney area.

Our Bamboo Flooring products are a viable and eco-friendly substitute for the hardwoods. One of the most critical aspects of using bamboo flooring from Concord Timber Flooring is that bamboo is the single fastest-growing wood-producing plant on Earth. Unlike nearly every other hardwood that requires 15 – 20 years to become viable to use for its wood, bamboo stalks grow to maturity in a minuscule 3 – 4 years – this makes bamboo flooring the best choice for your environmentally-friendly home.

Our customers want the best product for the best price, and we strive to make that possible at Concord Timber Flooring.

Key Benefits of Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Flooring can withstand constant pressure in high-traffic areas and is less likely to incur unsightly scratches and dents.

Water Resistant

Bamboo Flooring is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hardwood materials, although it is not water-proof like Hybrid Flooring.

Light Maintenance

You just have to sweep or vacuum it regularly to remove small particle debris. You can also occasional damp mop it, or clean it with a non-wax or non-alkaline floor cleanser.

Ability to Refinish

Bamboo Flooring can be refinished, sanding it down and then reapplying the finishing coats to give it a fresh new look. The amount of sanding that can be done will be determined by the thickness of the planks used.

Bamboo Flooring Inspiration Gallery

Please see below for a list of our beautiful bamboo flooring products available in our showroom. Call us today to enquire about below products or others as an inspiration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo Flooring is one of the most popular for dogs and pet-friendly timber flooring options for homes. Its natural hardness makes it more stain- and scratch-resistant than traditional solid timber hardwood floors. 

Bamboo flooring is great timber flooring option for high traffic areas and highly exposed areas to sunlight, however, we recommend minimal water resistance. 

Bamboo is actually a grass and not a tree – a strand woven bamboo floors have a Janka hardness rating that is much higher than traditional solid timber hardwood flooring; making them extremely hard and durable. 

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